Совет ветеранов Восточного административного округа


Спасибо большое, наши ветераны всегда очень рады экскурсиям, которые проводит Московское Городское Бюро Путешествий за интересные маршруты и долго незабываемые рассказы прекрасных профессиональных экскурсоводов, которые в настоящее время большая редкость и комфорт!!! СПАСИБО вашему коллективу и руководству за заботу и любовь  к людям!!! Ветераны ВАО будут с нетерпением ждать встречи с МГБП в новом 2021 году! Всем нам ЗДРАВИЯ! УДАЧИ! БЛАГОПОЛУЧИЯ!🥰❤️🤝

Совет ветеранов Восточного административного округа

Совет ветеранов Восточного административного округа. Красавина Т.Ю.

Экскурсия "Новогодняя Москва"

Огромное спасибо за автобусную экскурсию " Новогодняя Москва"! Все в восторге от экскурсовода - Веры! Профессионал!!! Столько рассказала для нас нового, интересного про празднование Нового года, старую и новую Москву, большая умница!!! Все просили передать ей ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО!!! Водитель Юрий при загруженности дорог до 7 баллов к 14 часам,  провез нас так профессионально и виртуозно, по старым историческим улицам и знаковым местам Москвы, что все ветераны увлечённые интересными рассказами экскурсовода не заметили автомобильных пробок и посмотрели Москву - заповедную, историческую, советскую, знаковую!!! СПАСИБО, за радость жизни, бодрость духа, любовь к нашей Москве и Родине, которую мы все пережили за 5 часов экскурсии!!! С наступающим Новым 2021 годом! 😘❤️💐 ЗДРАВИЯ! УДАЧИ! ВЕЗЕНИЯ! БЛАГОПОЛУЧИЯ! БЛАГОДЕНСТВИЯ! ИСПОЛНЕНИЯ заветных желаний! ЛЮБВИ!!!

Dawn and Heidi De Koster


Thank you for selecting Michael to be our guide.  As you know, he has a wealth of knowledge regarding Russia's history and the arts.  Michael's guidance and insight allowed us to experience Moscow like no one else due to his knowledge and understanding of Moscow and Russia's history.  
We found Michael to be kind and considerate, and on the last day found out he is a fine dancer, as well.  (Heidi and Michael both share a love of dance.)

Kind regards,
Dawn and Heidi De Koster



Hi Konstantine and Anna

Sadly our trip is over, we´re back in Colombia, but once again wanted to thank you for all you help and support previous and during the trip. We truly had a wonderful time in Rusia thanks to your great services!
Elena in St Petersburg was really amazing, what a great tour guide!
and Nadia in Moscow was also very nice (thank you for this last minute change).
Both very nice, willing and with a true desire of making the most of every tour for us.
I´d also like to recognize Igor (our driver in St Petersburg) and Pablo in Moscow, Both also very nice!!

So thank you again and always for making possible this wonderful vacation for us!!!

Best Regards!


Klairi Manolopoulou

Thank you Anna !!!

You are very helpful and kind !!!!
I promise next reservation will be much easier !!!

Klairi Manolopoulou



Hi konstantine and Anna

Just wanted to let you know that everthing great during our stay in St petersberg. I specially want to highlight Elena our guide. What a great person and professional. She was really great!!!!

Looking forward to Moscow.

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Dear Konstantin & Anna

I thought I would share with you some good feedback from the Armstrong group.

“Hello Helen, we are back from our wonderful trip and I have finally settled back into normal life.
We wanted to once again thank you for all your help organising the tour and to let you know it exceeded our expectations in every way.

Starting in St Petersburg, Alla was a great guide. Her English and German were both perfect and her stamina was amazing. We had a big day at the Hermitage. Alla was extremely informative and the tour was great.

In Moscow, Nina was also great. Her stamina and knowledge were equal to Alla’s. We had another big day touring Moscow and managed to see most of the sights we’d planned. Unfortunately, I think Nina had tried to fit too much in and so we were late getting to the Tretyakov Gallery. Apparently the closing time had changed and we were unable to go in. That was ok because even though we’d paid for it in the tour, I think we were all too tired to have enjoyed it anyway. Unfortunately, our lateness, also meant that we did the Metro tour during peak hour which was difficult and less than enjoyable. Apart from that it was a very interesting and tiring day”.
Best regards



Dear Anna, Julia, Konstantin,

Dear Anna, Julia, Konstantin,

Let’s save the 3. pictures, when your customer visiting Mr Putyin. Mr Csanyi is visible on the picture left side.  Mr Orban in the front.


Be proud of it! You can do everything! I think you are belive it after this week! :)

Really thank yo everything, I think without any problem we can solve that big challange. From Hungary there are not more VIP group available, this is the top. I think we can be proud about this. I know we will have more group to St Petersburg ang I want combined tour as well. Bori will contact you soon. I will be on Holiday, almost two weeks, but after I will be back.

Have a nice summer, and take care!


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